This was it. The album that singlehandedly made me a heavy metal fan. I will truly never forget the night I turned on this album for the first time, and continued working on my first Doom 2 WAD. That day was only two years ago, but judging on how much I have changed since than, the album has made a HEAVY impact on my life. Released on October 30th, 1985 as Anthrax's second LP, things have definitely changed. Joey Belladonna's operatic yet edgy vocals lead the thrash band to fame, and left a noticable mark on those who have heard any song by Anthrax. The mid 80s were a turbulent time for heavy metal, with the first screams of death metal along the horizon and thrash continuing to suck innocent teens into its chaotic throes. The opening tune of S.T.D. (Ha Ha), "A.I.R." is relenting example of this chaos. The pounding guitars and drums really set the stage for the rest of the album. The first words uttered by Belladonna, "Young and free something you'll never be," are surely never to be forgotten. It might be true. "Lone Justice" follows, and is written about a certain gunslinger (specifically from Stephen King's book) delivering justice to those who deserve it. Though I haven't read much Stephen King, this song still stood out to me as a sort of epic tale of old western dominance. I must admit the backing vocals on this track sound strange, however you won't be focusing on them too much. This track probably holds my favorite Anthrax riff ever. And of course, "Madhouse" follows. You probably know this song. Everyone does. Atleast all fans of metal do. This is usually the first Anthrax song people hear, and for good reason. The track starts off with a cheesy medical/doctor skit of sorts, and Mr. Brown sure as hell takes his medication. For brevity I will skip down to the second to last track, "Medusa." As a pretty basic story about the Gorgon, I guess it holds up okay. This track downright has the most interesting riff, and shows off how amazing of a singer Belladonna is. Finally, "Gung-Ho" ends the album with a fucking bang. The fastest song on the album, it portrays the brutality of war and destruction. Has a silly tune at the end of it. What more could you want from a war song? All in all, this LP holds a very special place in my soul as a determined chunk of thrash that keeps on giving. If you want to get into thrash, this album is a must-listen in my book.