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This website will be my personal

archive for anything I wish to

keep around, as well as a sort of

hobby to keep me occupied.

I am not super proficient at HTML

or coding in general, but I am

really slowly learning this

absolutely painful way of creating

on the internet. I enjoy early 2000s

/10s internet culture very much

and wish to do crazy shit kids used

to do online back in the day. We

obviously do not have the same

freedoms that we used to have

(mainly due to big corporations

ruining shit for monetary gain, but

thats besides the point). This site

will serve as a medium of any

creativity or thoughs that I may

squeeze out of my mind in the

future. I have a wide variety of

interests that I'm pretty sure will

be on this site for everyone to

read or look about. That's pretty

much it.

Est. June 2020